Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Finally, a blog for the average failure person. Like many, I obsess over beautifully crafted blogs, where people live amongst perfectly decorated homes, exotic travels and DIY crafts. Bloggers everywhere make it look so easy, and being an obsessive DIYer, I try everything! In my opinion, these are the celebrities that I wish to be, just a little less graceful. I will spend a weekend in the kitchen attempting to make MadMaloney’s favorite dessert or knit for hours only to create a hat that doesn’t fit properly. Yet despite my consistent failure, I refuse to give up. Motivated you might say or just plain crazy? Consider this the blog for the average human being, the blog for the failed attempts, when things don’t go your way, when you are sitting in a room all alone up to your ears in scrap fabrics, hot glue burns on your fingertips, a sewing project that can’t be fixed, sequins all over the floor and a cat throwing up yarn.

I yearn for the day when I am a craft goddess, but if I do not learn from our mistakes, there is no room to improve. Follow me as a I fail/improve my





experimental endeavors



home improvement

blogging skills.


2 Comments to “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!”

  1. Hey, my friend! You are not a failure if you keep trying.

  2. you are sweet Andrea! and you will be amazed at how bad I am when it comes to DIY 😉

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