She’s Got Legs!

Sewing is still fairly new territory for me. Like a week. I just purchased a machine and I am a firm believer that you can skip the basics and just dive in and figure it out as you go along. HAHAHAHA While my machine was in transit from amazon to my doorstep, I surfed the web looking for the perfect first project. I came across this lovely site called One Red Robin, from artist Jhoanna Monte. Oh her stuff is lovely, dolls and personalized fabrics, beautiful photography of her work, pretty much the antithesis of what this site is. Well she had a free starter doll pattern called the Ruby Doll, that sounded right up my alley. The front page of instructions said, “…a simple pattern and versatile little doll”. Jhoanna also has a flickr page to showcase all the dolls from crafters everywhere and I got a little excited thinking I was going to add to her photo collection.

It started off a success, I carefully cut everything out, was figuring out the machine and spending some time with MadMaloney while he worked on his latest skull ring. Rarely do I ever stay up past ten o’clock on a weeknight and here it is almost midnight on a Thursday evening. I’m determined not to go to sleep until she’s complete. I put everything together and begin to sew her up. Not until I am about 75% done do I realize she’s right side out! I forgot to face her right sides together! I have a seam ripper in hand but I just couldn’t. So here she is, right sides together and no legs. Wait, no legs!?

Why doesn’t she have legs? Well, keep reading!

Always one to learn from my mistakes, I attempted her again the next night. I can’t possibly make the same mistake twice! I carefully cut everything out again and left it on the dining room table, while MM and I went to our favorite local haunt for a Victoria beer. I come home to my doll parts only to find a missing leg and a cat not feeling so well. That was four days ago and I still haven’t seen the leg. I refused to cut out anymore legs, especially since I had cut them out 8 times already and originally started off with two left feet. So I decided to pull the legs off the first doll and donate them to the second one.

Okay, just a little bump in the road but I’m back on track. Everything is going swimmingly. I paid extra attention to lining up the doll right sides together and sewed her up! I’m super impressed with myself and I’m pulling her back around and BAM! I sewed her arms and legs inside her body. Tears of anger began to swell. Not only do I have a second failed doll. I  have now wasted two sleepless nights trying to put this simple and versatile doll together. If versatile means she can stuff her extremities inside her body then I win!

I wish I could laugh but it’s still too soon.

I apologize to Jhoanna and think I will leave her site alone for now until I improve a little.


One Comment to “She’s Got Legs!”

  1. I think she is adorable! But this is coming from the girl who failed home ec in 9th grade and refuses to learn to sew, even if it is to sew on my son’s Cub Scout badges.

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