When the Moon Hits Your Eye…that’s disaster

Ciao from the Italian kitchen of a 4’11” Italian-American lady! First I must say, I don’t intend to fail at everything. In fact, I had a successful sewing experience on Saturday and sewed my first pillow slipcover. I walked around with my beautifully sewn pillow for most of the day. It was such an odd feeling, I wanted it to last forever. I should have just stopped right there, but no, I decided to tackle our pasta machine on my day off yesterday and sadly, that tingly successful feeling is nothing but a distant memory.

My sister-in-law, Meghan, is an amazing gourmet chef. She’s always very creative and fearless when it comes to the kitchen. MM and I paid her a visit a few months back and she raved how she had mastered making her own pasta. In fact, she gave us a demo and invited us to join in. It seemed so easy. I helped run it through the machine and floured the pasta while it hung from hangers in the kitchen. I knew I could do it, I am 75% Italian, it’s in my blood to do this. haha, welcome to my kitchen:

I wanted a healthier option so I bought Whole Wheat flour. haha! I have yet to enter territory where I can experiment so Rule #1: Stick to the recipe. I went for it anyway. I poured the flour on the cutting board and slowly started to pour the eggs into the well I dug. Well, it broke like the 17th Street Canal! Sorry for the lack of photos, but I was covered in raw egg and hardening bits of flour as I tried my best to push it back into the well. I eventually got it but realized this was never going to work so I opted for the reliable KitchenAid to do the work for me, this time with the All-Purpose flour the recipe called for.

The water is boiling and the second batch of dough is just fine. The machine is mounted and ready to go! I got past the first few steps and I’ve fed it through the flat attachment like I’m supposed to and ready to watch in amazement as IT DOES NOT COME OUT OF THE BOTTOM OF THE SPAGHETTI ATTACHMENT CORRECTLY! In fact, nothing really comes out, but how, I fed a ton of pasta through that thing. Here’s what I see! Thanks to shakes of anger, the photo is a mess too.

So I detach it, maybe I need to flour it more. Luckily, I can still pull most of it out at this time. I try it again, and again and again and this is what I get! At this point, I wish MM was here to help. Rule #2: Work with a partner!

This is not pasta, not the thin strands that I so lovingly floured in Meghan’s kitchen, but my own tangled, knots of stupid noodles. There’s no way I could keep it so I tossed it. I didn’t want to look at it anymore. Well, I could go on and on, about my attempt to dismantle the machine to remove the extra bits of pasta, but I want to walk out of here with a little bit of my Italian dignity, so I’ll leave it at that! Ciao!


One Comment to “When the Moon Hits Your Eye…that’s disaster”

  1. Hey – I applaud you for trying. I’ve always wanted to but I figure $1.00 is cheap enough to save me the embarrassment of failure. lol

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