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July 7, 2011

Jane’s Addiction

So I still haven’t crafted anything. It’s been a little over  a week and I have to say, I’m doing okay. But like most addicts recovering from an addiction, they often trade one addiction for another. Some say, Angelina Jolie traded her drug addiction for an adoption addiction! Imagine to being addicted to having as many kids as possible! Wow! Well, I have decided to learn everything there possibly is about luxury fashion. It’s all due to the fact that I dress like a 12 year old tomboy, and at my ripe old age of 33, it’s time to dress a little more age appropriate. However, I don’t want to just go on a shopping spree! I want to adopt the idea of dressing like an elegant French sophisticate! Classic, timeless pieces, a fab expensive bag, perfect shoes for every occasion, ooh la la!

At one point, I had a shoe closet to rival Carrie Bradshaw, but having lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, I have had this overdue dread to buy stuff worth anything. I’ve had this attitude for the last 5 years that stuff is stuff and it goes faster than it comes. Depressing, n’est-ce pas? Well, I’m slowly climbing out of that mindset and ready to make up for some lost time. I mean, I actually just purchased a dresser yesterday. For the last 5 years my stuff has been in plastic bins! It’s time to move forward so I hope you check it out.

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