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August 19, 2011

The Biggest Mess/Obsession of All

Hi there! I’ve been keeping a pretty low profile the past month or so. Standing as far away as possible from a knitting needle, sewing machine, pasta machine, yarn, embroidery thread, hoops, fabric, notions! And I’m telling you, I have never been happier. I have a feeling that’s all about to change as Halloween and Christmas crafts begin to pop up. I have a folder on my computer at work that holds wish lists of things I want to make. The folder is getting larger and larger, but I’m really interested to share my latest and greatest obsession. The craftiest mess of all time, well, maybe, not as bad as a pasta bits stuck to the inner most corners of the machine, but a fairly big mess that I’ve been working behind the scenes trying to make some headway on.

What is this crafty mess you may ask? I won’t keep you waiting a minute more.

It’s me!

Standing at 4’11”, I am the biggest crafty mess of all when it comes to style, wardrobe, all things me. I work two really challenging jobs. I love them so much and am lucky to have them and am forever grateful that I get to work in a super creative environment surrounded by talented people that I learn from each day. I work in a man’s world and I only want to be judged by talent, not appearance nor gender, so often style takes a back seat. I cover up winter, spring, fall and summer in blue jeans, flip flops and an oversized hoodie. My hair has been pulled up in a bun since high school and the little bit of makeup I own has seen better days. However, that is all about to change. For the last few months, I’ve decided to put the crafts aside, for monetary reasons and really focus on myself. I lost so many quality things in Hurricane Katrina, it’s been hard for me to want to reward myself with fun things in fear that it may all be taken away again. However, the wonderful feeling I get knowing my husband and I are this amazing team, has made me see things in a new and different light. I don’t want life to pass me by and my tombstone to read: “She really liked to wear old jeans!” haha, not to worry, more than anything, I do not have a serious attitude about all this stuff. In fact, I poke a lot of fun at it. In order to document this change, I’ve decided to blog about it and I would love for you to visit the blog and catch up with me as I’ve been scouring the web and online sales to learn more about fashion, beauty, expensive purses I can’t own and Kate Middleton. So far it’s been about 2 months and a lot of fun and already I can see and feel a difference. I stand up a little taller and realize that focusing on appearance enhances all aspects of my life! Don’t worry, though. I haven’t given up crafting for good. Just setting it aside while I focus on a few more important things!

July 7, 2011

Jane’s Addiction

So I still haven’t crafted anything. It’s been a little over  a week and I have to say, I’m doing okay. But like most addicts recovering from an addiction, they often trade one addiction for another. Some say, Angelina Jolie traded her drug addiction for an adoption addiction! Imagine to being addicted to having as many kids as possible! Wow! Well, I have decided to learn everything there possibly is about luxury fashion. It’s all due to the fact that I dress like a 12 year old tomboy, and at my ripe old age of 33, it’s time to dress a little more age appropriate. However, I don’t want to just go on a shopping spree! I want to adopt the idea of dressing like an elegant French sophisticate! Classic, timeless pieces, a fab expensive bag, perfect shoes for every occasion, ooh la la!

At one point, I had a shoe closet to rival Carrie Bradshaw, but having lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, I have had this overdue dread to buy stuff worth anything. I’ve had this attitude for the last 5 years that stuff is stuff and it goes faster than it comes. Depressing, n’est-ce pas? Well, I’m slowly climbing out of that mindset and ready to make up for some lost time. I mean, I actually just purchased a dresser yesterday. For the last 5 years my stuff has been in plastic bins! It’s time to move forward so I hope you check it out.

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